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P8AX09-6G-716 MF

SPD for coaxial lines


For protecting coaxial lines, FRTgroup offers surge protection devices of various configurations from the world leader – Citel (France).

Radiocommunication systems, connected to antennae, are especially exposed to lightning phenomena, the maximum risk being a direct strike on the antenna pole. Equipment, as GSM/UMTS or TETRA base stations, must consider this risk in order to insure a relevant service continuity. CITEL offers several surge protection technologies for RF lines to comply to the different operation requirements.

Main characteristics:

  • Insertion losses < 0,2 dB
  • VSWR < 1,2
  • Imax : 20 kA (8/20µs)
  • Bandwidth : DC to several GHz
  • Connectors : N, BNC, TNC, 7/16, F, SMA, UHF
  • Waterproof IP65

Main characteristics VG option:

  • Imax : 6 kA (8/20µs)
  • Connector: N
  • Prevents the short-circuit of the transmitter (output) and the receiver (input) during a disturbance.
Series Connection to network Max. frequency Max. Power Iimp In/Imax
P8AX N. TNC. SMA. F. BNC. 7/16 DC-4GHz 25 W, 190 W, 780 W 2,5 кА 5 кА/20 кА
P8AX-6G N. TNC. SMA DC-6GHz 25W, 190 W 2,5 кА 5 кА/20 кА
P8AXxx-VG connector N Male/Female
connector F Female/Female
DC to 6 GHz 70 W 1 кА 3 кА/6 кА
PRC N, TNC or 7/16 connector 800-2200 GHz, 870-960 GHz, 1700-1950 GHz, 1800-2400 GHz, 4500-6000 GHz 1500 W 25 кА, 50 кА 25 кА/50 кА
50 кА/100 кА
CNP і CXP Connector F. female/female
N or F connector
DC – 1 GHz
125-1000 GHz
25 W, 190 W 2,5 кА 5 кА/20 кА